The Evolution of Chanel’s Creative Direction under Virginie Viard

The Third Collection of Work by Chanel Creative Director 2022

Having stood by Karl Lagerfeld’s side for over thirty years – starting as an embroidery intern, followed by her time at Chloe and back to Chanel in 2000 – Virginie Viard’s appointment as the house’s new creative director was inevitable.

For her first haute couture show, she gathered a close-knit group to work together: French contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan designed the set, musician Sebastien Tellier played live and Monaco heiress Charlotte Casiraghi opened on horseback.

The first collection

Virginie Viard has a knack for empowering Chanel girls. She has a sense of what her customers want and understands that a woman can wear a feathered slipdress or a sequinned tweed suit and still feel confident. She has a keen eye for fashion history, too; this digital presentation, inspired by the 1920s, showcased vaporous chiffon dresses tufted with ostrich feathers and fringed dancer’s skirts.

The first collection of work from the Chanel creative director 2022 combines vintage patterns and contemporary Parisian styles. She also incorporated camellia ornaments—a nod to Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite flower.

The show was held in a space designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, one of the many architectural gems in Paris’ Le19M district. It featured a long walkway, gardens, and a large gallery for exhibitions. The collection incorporated plant motifs and seventies collars, platform shoes, long fitted coats, and oversized silhouettes. The show was also accompanied by a short documentary series directed by Ladj Ly and featuring dancers from the Kourtrajme school.

The second collection

After a few turbulent months, with Chanel facing backlash from TikTok users and being persecuted by social media, the brand’s fashion president Bruno Pavlovsky is confident that the house will return to its pre-pandemic glory. On Tuesday, it unveiled the latest Metiers d’Art collection at its new crafts center 19M in Paris.

The 62-look show featured a flow of seventies silhouettes, fitted pants and coats, hi-lo skirts and dresses, floral motifs and sequins. Viard said she wanted to evoke a “jubilant” woman, which is precisely the vibe of the music and art from the decade that her predecessor, Karl Lagerfeld, was so fond of.

To accentuate this point, she called on a close-knit group of collaborators for the presentation: French contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan designed the set, musician/singer/composer Sebastien Tellier performed live and Monaco heiress Charlotte Casiraghi opened the show on horseback. This approach is in keeping with Viard’s preference for intimate decor, as opposed to the bombastic backdrops of her predecessor.

The third collection

The third collection of work by chanel creative director 2022 offers silhouettes finely crafted in vibrant colors and textured tweeds. She draws inspiration from a tumultuous era and pays tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel with flounce-filled dresses that embody her spirit.

As part of the house’s broader initiative, Chanel invited artists to participate in the Metiers d’Art show this season to explore new ideas. The house has a long tradition of supporting the leading filmmakers and artists of our time, just as founder Gabriel Chanel did.

For the 2023/24 Metiers d’Art, makeup artist Yasmine Drammeh interpreted the theme, “Blurring Reality.” Her style draws from her cultural background and she has been featured in fashion magazines like Vogue and Dazed. She is also an active member of Mentoring Matters, a nonprofit that promotes diversity in the fashion industry. She collaborated with models like Kristen Stewart, Blackpink’s Jennie, Sofia Coppola and Gugu Mbatha-Raw and musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo and Mariam de Vinzelle for the video.

The fourth collection

After the death of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s right-hand woman Virginie Viard was officially tapped to fill his shoes as creative director of the brand’s fashion collections (which include haute couture and RTW). She made her mark with her first show as Chanel’s new head on March 5.

Imagining and crafting a collection together with a group of artists—including choreographer Dimitri Chamblas, filmmaker Sebastien Tellier and musician Charlotte Casiraghi – as well as a troupe from the Senegalese ballet academy Germaine Acogny, Viard presented a whimsical “bestiary” in the vast crafts center at Le19M. The show was criticized for its animal themes and the horse riding entrance, with Instagram fashion critique accounts such as Diet Prada suggesting it was exploitative of animals.

For the 2022 Haute Couture collection, Viard channeled a free-spirited Parisian girl gang in their long chevron tweed coats and bare legs. The girls grooved to Diana Ross’ Do You Know Where You’re Going To as they sauntered into the club Chez Castel.

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