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A creative director usually has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their field. They spend five to 10 years working in various creative roles to get the breadth of experience necessary to lead a team.

A former creative director for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine has listed his Manhattan loft for $6 million, Mansion Global reports.

Creative Direction

Creative direction is a powerful tool that can help you set your brand apart. It can help you create a coherent message that will keep your clients interested, and it can also help you create a consistent visual aesthetic that will make your brand more memorable.

Creative Directors work with designers, copywriters and other marketing professionals to develop brand strategies and concepts. They should be able to manage a team and have a strong understanding of the branding process and digital marketing.

They need to be able to communicate their vision clearly and concisely to their colleagues. A stunning portfolio of work that spans a range of industries and media types is essential. A good Creative Director can inspire and motivate their team, as well as deal with egos and push for the best possible results. They should be open to feedback and able to adapt their ideas accordingly. They should have the ability to create a cohesive narrative for each project and campaign they manage.


Creative directors are responsible for developing a wide variety of in-house services that include branding, marketing, and client concierge packages. They also help evaluate and hire team members for these roles, and report directly to the CEO.

In addition to creating and executing marketing strategies, creative directors are responsible for providing a cohesive brand voice across all platforms. This includes directing photo shoots, providing detailed direction at printing production, and ensuring all digital and print deliverables follow company standards.

Landing a position as a creative director typically requires a degree and significant experience in your field. However, it is not uncommon for creative directors to eventually launch their own agency or branding company after years of success in this role. The leadership and strategic skills that are gained make this a lucrative career path for those who have the right mix of talent and motivation. Depending on the sector and location, creative directors can make anywhere from $91,571 to PS78,823 per year.


A creative director leads a team of designers, copywriters and project managers to provide branding solutions for services, products and programs. They promote and encourage excellence in design thinking, creative strategy and development of creative assets. They also develop and implement policies and standards to reinforce the organization’s branding goals and objectives. The creative director real estate also works with internal and external partners to understand business updates, opportunities, trends and challenges to deliver relevant, on-brand experiences and programs. For example, Tina Snyder is the creative director at Jones Lang LaSalle in Boston where she manages regional corporate branding deliverables as well as property marketing campaigns including Liberty Wharf and Seaport Place. She has a passion for project management through setting clear and concise goals, delegating tasks and giving feedback.

Project Management

A creative director can be an asset to a real estate company with strong project management skills. Often, product definition starts with financial objectives, and the design team is a committee of everyone’s inputs. A modern real estate Product Director could change that by focusing on understanding the end-user and bold creative vision. Then, they would be able to manage all aspects of the product: building, services, digital experience, and marketing. The right person can make a big impact on the success of a project.

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